Thursday, July 26, 2012

Windows 8 experience so far

I've been running the Windows 8 release preview for over a month now on a virtual machine (using VirtualBox) on my laptop - a Dell Vostro with a 15" screen and max res of 1280x800 running Windows 7.

I really like the metro interface, but my experience hadn't been superb because (1) it was on a VM sharing resources with the host OS and other VMs, and (2) the max resolution didn't allow me to enjoy the benefits that come with the metro interface.  Either VirtualBox or my laptop's video card restricted the Windows 8 guest OS from utilizing the full screen.  So I got a limited taste of what Windows 8 was like.

Well, yesterday I set up a new Lenovo desktop machine with decent specs and a new Samsung 21.5" widescreen monitor.  I installed Windows 8 as the main OS, and the difference from my laptop is night and day.  I'm very impressed.  It has taken a little bit to get used to the mix of the metro interface and the traditional desktop interface on a non-tablet device, but I like it so far and am getting more comfortable with it.  

Looking forward to the Surface tablet this Fall.