Thursday, December 26, 2013

Silencing the Arc Touch SE Mouse

I’ve been using the Microsoft Arc Touch Surface Edition mouse for almost a month now. In fact, I’m coming up on the last possible return date. The thought of returning it has occasionally crossed my mind because sometimes I can’t use the mouse without annoying others in room due to the vibrating/clicking sound the mouse makes when you scroll. But as I discovered today, you can easily turn off the sound. And conveniently, all you have to do is install an app from the Windows Store.
Interestingly, once I turned it off I realized that I kind of miss the feedback. Easy enough, though, to toggle it on/off when needed.
Overall, the mouse itself is convenient. Easy to flatten and carry, requiring little space. It’s not the most comfortable mouse I’ve used but I think I’m fine with the tradeoff I get for the portability.


  1. How can the mouse be silenced if the user is running Windows 7?

    1. I don't think it can.