Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Browser Link and Slow Page Loads while Debugging with VS 2013

I recently started noticing sluggishness in IE 11 when debugging a MVC 4.5 app with VS2013. Specifically, after a page would seemingly load, it wouldn't respond to my mouse movement until what seemed like a full second or two later. It was concerning. I had been making a lot of changes, especially around the inclusion of images, and I figured I'd done something less than ideal that was causing the page load time to increase. So I hit F12 and start capturing network traffic:

Besides a couple issues that I need to look at, one thing appeared odd to me: the second-to-last line with a URL of "/__browserLink/..."

I wasn't sure what it was, but it appeared to be the issue. I then find out that this is a new and pretty useful tool for testing with multiple browsers. And there is an easy way to disable it when not needed, which resolves the slowness issue.

IE seemed to suffer a little more from the Browser Link delay than did Chrome.

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