Monday, March 4, 2013

Scripture Box to the Web!

I've finally begun working on my goal to bring Scripture Box to the Web. Scripture Box currently exists as a Windows RT app (published in the Windows Store) and is slowly but steadily seeing adoption. But as I continue to view the website stats, it is clear a large number of people have an older version of Windows (mostly 7, some Vista/XP, but I even saw a couple Win 2000 and NT) as well as Macs. Of course, there are a number of visits by mobile devices as well (approx 15% of all visits).

While I would enjoy taking a shot at iOS or Android (probably using Xamarin), I believe I'll get the most return out a simple but effective HTML5/Js app. I'm mainly still thinking through technical design at this stage, and the following resources have provided plenty of good considerations:

I've already set up my ASP.NET MVC 4 project, installed Web Essentials, hooked up a little bit of data and published a few tests to Windows Azure. The project templates Microsoft added to MVC 4 provide a HUGE benefit. I'm also looking forward to getting even more out of the CSLA Framework. I plan to write a post about the overall design after I'm done.